Career Reinvention


Are you seeking a change in career but unsure which path to take? 

Would you like to work more in line with your natural talents? Do you seek more meaning in what you do?

I work with clients to support them through a process of career development and reinvention. Together we can define the career paths that fit perfectly to who you are! 


The following is a sample process outline:

step 1: program creation 

Understanding the motivations to seek change 

Assessing what would be of utmost service to the client

Discussing the expectations of mutual collaboration


step 2: third-party perspectives

How do others see my personal qualities? 

Which areas could I specifically develop?

What do I not appreciate about myself? 


step 3: guided self-assessment

What nourishes me?

How do I want to contribute to the world around me?

What is my passion in life, what makes me unique?


Step 4: expert analysis 

Using handwriting and personal assessments, we define:

- your professional strengths and weaknesses

- your unique talents, professional competencies



Working with the information from the steps above we:

- identify the truth of your uniqueness

- create several potential career paths tailored to you



Merging the creative with the commercial we then:

- define the value that you bring to the market; and

- identify who is in need of this value 


step 7: your personal brand 

Together we define your personal message and:

- clarify your personal mission

- define clear steps to achieve your aims 



Every client has an individual set of circumstances and motivational drivers. 

Some clients will naturally transition during the career reinvention process, once their vision and purpose becomes clear. Some clients will remain within their existing company but with a refreshed sense of purpose and motivation.

For other clients who have made the decision to transition and require support to do so, I provide the following service: