Executive Job Search Support


Services that Empower You

The only reason that one should not get offered a position, is that there was a more appropriate candidate sourced. 

It is a pity when the best candidate loses out on an offer due to a lack of  skill.

Here are services to empower you to bring out your very best, when it counts!


presenting your personal brand

  • your personal message

  • being authentic and genuine

  • speak with agility to inspire and raise curiosity


develop your personal connections

  • presenting yourself with confidence

  • unwritten rules of building strong personal connections

  • sourcing networking opportunities

  • real life training in a professional networking environment


connecting you

  • market research relevant to you

  • corporate, academic and personal network search

  • gaining referrals


personal profile

  • LinkedIn profile review

  • critique of your curriculum vitae

  • cover letter appraisal


interview training

  • technical interview training

  • body language and soft skills assessment

  • company specific assessment insights


negotiation support 

  • support during the negotiation process

  • comparison to market rates


resilience training

  • build stamina

  • develop a sports mentality

  • enhance your growth mindset

  • the agile mind


job search tips

Technology is having a profound impact upon established business models.

Here are a few key notes to help you gain perspective on how to proceed in a volatile market:

- only a small percentage of successful candidates succeed by applying online

- your personal and professional network is your most valuable asset 

- it is vital to know your personal message and value proposition

- internal referrals are key to getting your application prioritised 

- some institutions only contract with one or two specific recruitment companies

- your online brand is just as important as the brand you present in person

- it will be you in the interview seat, nobody can "place" you into your next job

- the world is turbulent but full of new opportunities waiting to be explored

- success will continue to follow those who remain agile and curious  

- confidence develops with practice, knowing who you are and what you can offer

- you got this ...