Executive Testimonials


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If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. 

David O’Connor was the key to that door during my career transition. He allowed me to develop a greater resilience and identify new approaches to my career search. His pragmatic approach help to clarify the next steps and empowered me to direct concrete and positive actions towards finding a career which fulfilled my needs. Through his insightful workshops and valuable discussions, David refined my personal value proposition and proposed connections and opportunities with companies and leadership roles that would energise me.

David kept in regular contact with me and I always felt he was going through the career transition right along with me, such was his attention to detail and his willingness to help.

Thanks to David that I was able to re-brand myself, growth positively from the experience, and change both function and industry in highly competitive technology sector. I highly recommend David O’Connor and his services.



After seeing many different industries and new disciplines my desire grew to switch industry. I had no idea which industry would prove most suitable for me, nor how to achieve this goal.

In this context David was extremely helpful, with his calm and considered way, he supported me to explore the different options I had and the various companies which suit me the most. Together we created a plan outlining how to get in touch with these identified companies and how to build my network. Searching for a new challenge in a new industry is nerve-racking. David helped me to calm down by showing me techniques which allowed me to focus solely on my goal. As a result, of his coaching and advice I have learned to see the process an adventurous journey, where you have the possibility to get in touch with inspiring and wonderful people and not a stressful situation anymore.

For everyone who is looking for a new challenge but is not sure how to start or where to go David is definitely the right person to get in touch. I can highly recommend David and his wise advice.


MR. B. fitzmaurice, chief operating officer

It may be cliché to say, but David is ‘a breath of fresh air’. That fresh air blows through your thinking, self-reflection, attitude and outlook. He is smart but not just in his intellectual capacity. He can read people, see situations and lay out the path, if you want to walk it.

David is an excellent sparring partner, one that can hold a mirror up to what you are saying and identify what is important and what is clutter and false hurdles. He is supportive and nurturing. I am not sure what it is, but he has a sixth sense to know when you maybe flagging or going off-piste as he sends a text or email to re-focus your efforts. Is is hard to stray from the identified path with David.

When you spend time with David in session, he has the ability to shine a light on things that are important. Sometimes I had fixed views going into a session about the steps or what I wanted but came away with a different perspective and acknowledgement of what I truly needed to be fulfilled in my career. Importantly, nothing exists in isolation. The mindfulness learned through your time with David leaves a significant mark on how you look at and be in the different aspects of your life.



I knew, I had been missing an element in my career and life that would make the difference.

David was listening very carefully and I could sense, he is able to create a holistic picture of what I was searching for. To the point, he addressed the exact trigger points and suggested efficient techniques to put fire again in my eyes. I never felt, he wants to take a short cut but realised he really wants and is able to empower people.

It is the people with very specific talent who I call experts in what they do. If I had to recommend an expert in ‘holistic career coaching’, I couldn't even think of someone else other than David.


DR. D. DALY, global head Business Innovation

I had the good fortune to meet David O’Connor at a business networking event, and was highly impressed with his ambition to found the premier one-stop-shop for professional personal business model reinvention services in Zurich. I was not looking for such services at the time, but became so convinced of their value proposition that I engaged with David immediately.

What a great decision! David guided me through a tightly personalised and extremely effective process of mindful self-evaluation and reorientation. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone looking to step back from the daily grind and sharpen their view on personal development and career navigation. As the icing on the cake, David is a real gentlemen, has a great sense of humour and is a challenging dialog partner in a non-confrontational way, which made the whole process a pleasure rather than a chore.



I was experiencing dissatisfaction with my job and felt a growing need for fresh motivations to embrace a new challenge. With the additional problem: I knew I wanted to do something else, but I didn’t know what. David was the compass that helped me finding the right professional path to follow.

David has a multi-faceted knowledge and experience, natural empathy and passion for his job. His work is well-structured and effective: together we defined my future career objectives aiming at aligning them with my strengths and talents as well as my core values and priorities in life, and identified viable strategies to hit the market.

Things are really working out well job wise and even beyond the professional sphere, the quality of my life improved - I have started to live the life I wanted all along. I am very satisfied with the entire experience, it has been a very good investment and I highly recommend David’s consultancy.


ms. p. bölsterli, Human Resources Executive

The career reinvention process is hard work and the solutions or outcomes are not clear at the start. Time is needed between the stages of the process, it’s very intensive, with a lot to think about. I have a very new picture of myself, as based upon several perspectives and this was a big breakthrough for me and has allowed me to grow.

I really felt that David could feel what I was feeling during the process, he was calm and patient which gave me space to think about things. It was very cool that he always felt when I was becoming overwhelmed and created unique approaches to support my thought process. It was also nice to be supported during the process of learning to accept myself, this all brought things to a point. David conducts each session with passion, engagement and a strong caring human connection. I have learned to let go of external pressures and how to accept help from others, I have also finally experienced leaving my original comfort zone.

Now I now have two solid and inspiring options for my career path plus I know the steps how to achieve them, when I am ready to do so. I have attained a completely different perspective about what work is and how I can contribute to something meaningful. The most fulfilling outcome of this process is that I have a strong sense of purpose and a bright, clear path ahead of me.


mr. A. gattiker 

Every coaching session with David was an eye-opener. Not only is David skilled at what he does but he is also extremely pleasant to work with.

I highly recommend David to anyone who want to give their lives a new meaning, from both a private and a professional perspective.


mr. T. bucher, Corporate Relations Manager

I had to make a change in my life but I found the very idea of moving jobs and indeed transiting career to be overwhelming. I felt vulnerable, confused and my self-belief was fragile. From the first informal chat with David, I knew I met the right guy and felt reassured that I was finally taking positive action. David led me gently through the process at my own pace.

David is an extremely hard-working and compassionate professional who continues to amaze me as our working relationship evolves. I’m truly impressed by his approach to develop people and have personally found my voice, motivation and enthusiasm once again. He has a deep and cultivated expertise, which he applies to deliver the best possible developmental experience.

It is impressive how much I have learned, the career reinvention process goes far beyond what I was expecting and has helped me to transition career into a job which I thoroughly enjoy. I now contribute real value in my new industry and feel happier in my greater life.