MBA Graduate Testimonials


Mr. Nikhil Parapurath Kanoth, MBA participant

My first interaction with David was on the first day of my MBA journey. I noticed instantly how skilled he was at listening to people. David is a highly empathetic individual who has genuine interest in the well-being of others. As Career Services Manager at HSG, David plays an instrumental role in developing the career of graduates through career coaching and building their personal branding.

My most prized interaction with David was during the interview training where he tutored us on the nuances of interview preparation, conduct and delivery including body posture. The key take away from this session was to approach an interview as an interviewee and as an interviewer. With David everyday is a new learning experience. Thank you David!


MR. Adam HRABER, M&A Manager

I met David during my MBA studies at the University of St. Gallen where he was responsible for refreshing and redesigning the career development activities of the MBA program.

Based on his finance background and experience in the financial services industry, David was of great help to me. He supported me to find the right career path, especially amid the stressful period of searching new opportunities.

David did not only support me with his positive mindset and rational advice but also greatly contributed technically. He helped me to prepare for challenging interviews, to develop negotiation strategies with potential employers and to remain ‘mindful’ through the provision of his neuroscience based mindfulness training.

His effective and unique coaching techniques helped me to keep my self-confidence at a high level, focus on the most favourable career options and to get successfully enter into one of the most competitive job markets in the world. Thanks a lot David!


MR. James O'Sullivan, financial advisory manager

David and I crossed paths when he joined the Career Services team during my MBA at the University of St. Gallen. His arrival re-energized the class and his presence gave us a sense of confidence and comfort.

I thoroughly enjoyed our discussions, David would challenge my thoughts on career paths and opportunities which led to deep understanding and refining of where I needed to be. As he had a similar professional background to myself, having qualified as a Chartered Accountant working in both Ireland and Switzerland, his advice and insights really helped me hone in what I wanted to do after the MBA.


Mr. Sven Voegele, management consultant 

David is in charge of the career development as part of the MBA programme at the University of St. Gallen, one of the leading MBA programmes in Europe. In his role, he is supporting 50+ students per year from the initial definition of an individual career vision to finding a concrete job that aligns with that vision.

David was of great help in challenging my thinking on various career paths and opportunities available. He ensured that shortlisted opportunities are well aligned with my personal values besides “making sense” from a career perspective.

His emotional intelligence skills have not only been useful as part of the career development, but are some of my key learning’s from the MBA programme.



I got to know David as a career counsellor during my MBA program in St Gallen University. Thanks to his great networking activities I could get a corporate project and further on a job proposal from one of the most innovative companies in renewable energy sector

David was a perfect mentor to understand my needs and aspirations hence I could act smoothly and fast during job search process. I believe David has all the needed up-to-date skills and capabilities to help people drive their careers to success. Thank you David.



I have experienced first-hand the stress of building a career, fresh out of a business school. Complexity of requirements from companies is on the rise, and amidst all this, positioning yourself strategically in the market is becoming even more important. Through my ordeals, David has been an ever important and positive guide. His techniques of mindfulness and positivity have undoubtedly helped me to keep a calm mind in turbulent times. David's inputs and guidance will forever be priceless for me. If applied in the right way, his techniques and guidelines can form a path of success for whosoever wishes to utilize them.

A strong networker, and even more effective coach, David and his techniques will shape you to face the stresses of job-hunting in the best possible way.



After working 9 years in different roles in IT, I decided to quit my job and do an MBA . I wanted to transition from a technical expert role to solving business problems with IT.

As I thought about looking for a job, developing a resume, interviewing, networking, I was overwhelmed. Talking to David put me at ease. He was invaluable to help me define my goals and chart my course. I eagerly took the advice he gave me and I am now more confident in finding right opportunities! Thank you David !!



David is a mindful professional and helped me to define my job value propositions, by using the business model canvas in a novel way.