New Business Ideas


making business personal

The prospect of starting a new business and realising an ambition, can be daunting to the majority. But so is the prospect of asking yourself the question “What if I had tried?”.

What if you had a sparing partner that could support you through each part of the process? What if this sparring partner spent the time to get to know you and to fully appreciate what it is, exactly, that you wish to achieve and why?

I have the professional background and consultancy experience to support you. Together we can professionally evaluate your business ideas and create a step by step plan to bring your business ideas to life.

The best mistakes are the ones that do not cost anything, the worst mistakes are the experiences never made.


your vision

  • understanding your motivations

  • documenting your mission

  • sourcing authentic content to be embodied in the brand identity


develop your business model

  • defining your value proposition

  • identifying the pain points of your customers

  • uncovering multiple revenue streams

  • challenging what makes your offering unique


market review

  • testing before you commit

  • designing tests and identifying markets

  • reviewing customer feedback

  • adapting your business model


personalising your offering

  • learning how to promote without selling

  • being authentic in building your customer network

  • understanding how to create your market



  • linking you to your key partners

  • creating and enabling connections to service providers

  • researching who you need to know and how to meet them

  • presenting with humble confidence


brand identity 

  • advising objectively on your logo, website and identify

  • practical, experienced advice on how to avoid unnecessary expense

  • harmonising your message across all media channels


resilience training

  • building stamina to achieve identified goals

  • developing a mentality which empowers your strengths

  • enhancing your growth mindset



ms. s. finney, executive style consultant

“I identified myself as a stay-at-home Mum but wished to do something that would engage me professionally and allow me to earn additional income. I had some years of professional experience in the fashion industry and had an idea of what I wanted to do but was unclear how to make this happen. David supported me to practically define a financially viable business model. With his help, I was able to step back, clarify my goals and recognise my unique selling points. I learned how to prioritise in bite size chunks and to challenge what was actually holding me back.

The key take away from working with David was learning how to open up several different revenue streams and how to authentically promote my business in a way that suited my personality. David asked all the right questions, inspired me to think differently and actually trained me in how to practically increase my self-confidence and motivated me to 'simply start'.

I would strongly recommend David’s services to anyone looking to turn a business idea into a business reality.”