Personal Resilience Training 


Why Train It?

Developing your personal resilience and mental agility allows you to:

  • be more present

  • let go of past events

  • avoid unnecessary worrying

  • gain a powerful, yet authentic sense of self

  • dynamically interact with others

  • avoid reacting

  • start responding in a way that better serves ...


HOw is it done?

Through mindfulness training and learning to understand how the brain works.

It is important to understand how emotions are processed and how we can learn to choose our response to the world around us. 


what does the training cover?

We cover five specific angles to ensure that you can carry mindfulness into your day to day life. These are as follows: 


1. dedicated practice

Training your mind in a dedicated way will change the processing, functionality and even the physical grey matter. This process is called 'neuroplasticity'. 

This is a vital mindfulness training component and teaches the mind to remain present, not to wander.


2. integrated practice

Learning techniques to apply throughout your day. Practising these techniques will ensure that we can rely upon them during stressful times. 

It was Bruce Lee who nicely coined the power of self-development as "do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one".


3. neuroscience 

Understanding the science behind our interactions with others.

Learn how we can increase or decrease our empathy for others, as required, to suit individual situations.

Learn how to move to a place of compassion and how this can safe-guard our personal energy and yet be of higher service. 


4. visualising 

Consciously deciding upon the future which you wish to create.

Learn methods which are proven to significantly increase your chances of achieving your goals.


5. Re-framing

Become your own motivational coach. 

Reflect upon the power of our internal dialogue and harness the power of re-framing to support yourself from within.